At first, one doesn’t see the Sy&Vie brand in the miniature pieces of art. The
bags are like delicate frescos: with room only for ideas, colours and mainly,
emotion. The artisan’s signature is kept out of the spotlight, dividing attention
with the intricate finishings of the unique clutches.
Sy&Vie was born from the essence of preserving ancestral heritage
techniques and the desire to share the beauty of natural treasures through
exquisite bags you can carry with you always.
Sylvie Quartara, artisan extraordinaire, signs all her bags in her brand since
2014, and combines these forgotten ancestral techniques with a colourful,
playful spirit and the timeless style of Nature, her greatest inspiration.
“I have always been fascinated by the artisanal process of creation and how
we can make unique pieces through it. No Sy&Vie bag is the same” says Sylvie
who has more than 20 years of experience, producing home and fashion
accessories. “Nothing is more inspiring than Nature. We are always in a rush,
so what can be more compelling than being able to stop a moment and just
contemplate Nature; it’s the best way to connect with what is truly beautiful
and extraordinary”.
The bags with Sylvie’s signature come to life through different techniques.
The wood-carved pieces are sculpted by hand in blocks of wood, enhancing
the natural tones and hues. The wood inlay bags, handcrafted with the
ancient technique of fitting fine slices of wood, portray the natural beauty of
animals, plants and nature as a whole.
These exquisite creations may also be bespoke, tailored to the client’s
specifications, making them even more exclusive.
But the passion for artisanal doesn’t stop here. Sy&Vie also has the
Nature-à-Porter collection, made with technique coined “assemblage”. This
method was developed and honed by Sylvie and as the name says, uses
forgotten fragments of nature as raw material. The motifs in this collection
are made of leaves, flowers and gravels, depicting a fresh and distinctive style.
The founder of Sy&Vie, Sylvie Couve de Murville Farini Quartara, is a luxury
accessories designer born to French and Brazilian parents. Sylvie grew up in
Brazil and during her travels, she developed a true love of art in all its forms.
Following a career in product design in Milan, she returned to Brazil where she
continued working with several design projects. In 2014 she started a new line
of work, dedicated to sharing the unique beauty of nature through products
that go beyond the brand, transforming ancestral savoir-faire and discarded
nature into pieces of art that one can carry.

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