Hester Bly is a luxury travel-inspired brand that was born from a strong love of learning, discovering the treasures of the world, and the boundless joy and freedom the art of travel bestows.

Hester Bly is the culmination of a life-long and never-ending passionate search for the most beautiful travel pieces that gracefully enhance the beauty of every woman and breathe seamlessly in the surroundings of every travel destination.

As a symbol and in celebration of the beauty of strong women and travel, the name Hester Bly combines the names of the first-of-their-kind female explorers and adventurers: “Queen of the Desert”, Lady Hester Stanhope, and Nellie Bly.

Both women were history-makers and pioneers of their time and possessed a memorable strong, individual style which is lovingly passed on in every single stitch of a Hester Bly piece.