Immersed in the world of fashion
from a very young age thanks to my
mother, who owned a ready-to-wear
boutique as well as a “tailor-made”
design workshop, the passion was
transmitted quickly.
I accompanied her, observed her and
made my way to supplier, fairs and
manufacturers with her, in search of
fabrics, ornaments, adornments that
were used for future achievements.
Amazed by the work and the ‘knowhow’ of the artisans, admiring the
beautiful fabrics, the beautiful
materials, I learned, little by little, to
recognize them, to use them, and to
do them justice.
Throughout my many travels, this passion, this love
pushed me to always bring back, in order to
remember, a lot of jewelry, fabrics, and other items
from local artisans; real treasures.
A simple object, a gesture, a fabric, a color, a smell,
can in my eyes, with the meaning that I give it, be
invaluable, represent beauty, simplicity, rarity, love…
Curious by nature, but most of all respectful of
traditions, I marvel, I learn and I meet wonderful
people, THANK YOU… I enriched myself, I participate
in workshops, I learn time and time again.
Little by little, my habits, my philosophy of life
I left Belgium a few years ago, heading to
Indonesia. The goal, to build a guest house on the
island of Sumba. In the meantime, in 2018, thanks to
my passion mentioned above and hard work,
iKKim’O was born.