Our Stylist Rita cannata graduated with the maximum at Istituto Statale d’Arte per Disegno di Moda e Costume in Turin in 1987. She immediately starts a rich professional experience in some important Style Associations cooperating with important Italian producers.
After a 10 years cooperation on tailored products she arrives in Giemme Brandscorporate  in 2003 to improve our specialized woman shirts in Caliban and Guglielminotti labels.
She immediately draws a specific stylist trend that take to the birth of Le Sarte Pettegole.
 Le Sarte Pettegole born in 2007 is a Playful kind of tailoring that looks forward fashion in an ironic way, blending manual steps and patchwork to a passionate research clearly expressed in the materials and fittings. Male shirts are interpreted with very feminine silhouette and luxurious materials and details arriving to dresses also

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