CARAT Brand is a Kuwaiti high-end footwear company established in 2018 by Kuwaiti founder and designer “Fatmah Hussain” & launched to public on Dec.2019 with the first collection line . It is a global company that works overseas, where the footwear collection is designed in Kuwait, supplied with Italian materials and manufactured in Italy. CARAT shoe designs pay tribute to iconic fashion, while integrating modern accents and practicality. 
CARAT shoes are designed for ladies who are meticulous and know what they want in a shoe, ladies who appreciate quality, authenticity, and comfort. Make no mistake when spotting CARAT’s designs in the market, with the brand’s statement architectural heel and use of authentic leathers.
Although Fatmah has an obvious eye for fashion, she ensures that comfort is never compromised in her designs. CARAT shoes have double padding to meet optimum satisfaction for a comfortable and practical, yet stylish shoe. The brand creates a look that catches people’s attention, but with the feeling of “walking through a journey on clouds.”
Inspired by ancient art & culture, she joined her love to jewelry designs & included a sentimental touch to add more value each shoes, by engraving a synthetic ruby to the sole of every pair of CARAT shoes. This is just one of many subtle details to the otherwise traditional and iconic shoes.
Fatmah  says, “A pair of shoes means joy and comfort; uplifting both a person’s height and their confidence, that’s why I love them.” She adds, “I design for myself. If I didn’t like the shoes, I wouldn’t wear them.”

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